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How long has the lockdown been running? Enough for most people, but maybe it’s best to look forward a few days or a week at a time, as relaxation of restrictions at least in the UK is not imminent. Perhaps one can get inspiration from Terry Waite who endured 1,763 days of captivity, all alone, some 30 years ago (see Sherbhert article ).

On a lighter note, uncovering new activities and learning new skills may prove a real benefit of an unplanned long time at home. Meanwhile, a few more ideas for reading and watching are recorded as follows.


ANY HUMAN HEART by William Boyd. An epic spanning the twentieth century, deeply moving about the challenges of human relationships, but also very funny. It is an apt and uplifting reminder that society has regularly faced global crises and lived to tell the tale. A book one might dread finishing. Also, an excellent TV mini-series.

THE TAO OF POOH by Benjamin Hoff. The much-loved favourite bear, Winnie the Pooh, is here combined with life lessons from Taoism. Benjamin Hoff uses quotes and illustrations from A.A. Milne’s books to demonstrate why “the Pooh Way” is the best way.


OUT OF AFRICA, 1985, starring Robert Redford and Meryl Streep, directed by Sydney Pollack. A romance set in spectacular scenery of Kenya, which perhaps out-stars the actors, who themselves are splendid. Breath-taking, a long film, never boring. Timeless.

DJANGO UNCHAINED, 2012. Quentin Tarantino in full flight. The freed slave, Django, combines with a German, smooth, bounty hunter (Christopher Waltz). In the face of brutal slavery, violence with a lot of wicked black humour, and some very unpleasant characters indeed. Typically shocking and entertaining, not subtle.


SPOOKS – a BBC boxset with 10 series. The title tells the subject, the British Intelligence Services. Some say it is realistic. It’s certainly entertaining and there is lots of it.

ANY HUMAN HEART, described above, available on Amazon Prime.

Making the best of another week of discovery.

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