Sherbhert Food Update – June

by Sherbhert Editor

Summer is here and, despite Corona virus, there is still lots of local produce available in the UK to make the most of right now and, hopefully, in the coming weeks. Sherbhert champions local and seasonal produce, not least because it is fresh and delicious but also because:

  • It reduces the energy needed to grow and transport food
  • It avoids the premium paid for food that is scarcer and has travelled long distance
  • It supports local economies (even more important now)
  • It connects us with nature 
  • It is a natural way to plan and eat a healthy diet
  • It reduces food packaging waste
  • It is value for money

Fresh herbs are particularly abundant, look out for oregano, amongst many others – they can be used to brighten and vary foods. The marinated salad vegetables in these pages are just some examples of putting Summer herbs to work – use

 Sherbhert “search”, type in salad and press return to find these recipes.

More fishermen and fishmongers are back at work and lots of seasonal and sustainable fish is available. In particular, look out for crab, sea trout, sea bream, haddock, halibut and herring.

There are plenty of UK ethically and responsibly produced chickens and delicious lamb too. 

See Chicken with Mustard, Thyme, Orange and Fennel Seeds … which is also good to eat with the marinated salads mentioned above and maybe some new potatoes see Local and Seasonal in May – New Potatoes – Especially Jersey Royals – Simply Boiled, Pot Roasted or as a Salad with Early Summer Herbs

And the Summer fruits, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, gooseberries and rhubarb – all now in good supply. 

Of course, some exceptions for food not produced in the UK need to be made, for example, some fruits, such as lemons, limes and oranges but these at least all travel well and can be stored for long periods successfully. If you haven’t already, you might like to try the salts flavoured with these fruits in these pages see and also lemon curd see  and lemon shortbread see

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