Quaint and Quirky – “Read and Digest” Little Walsingham, Norfolk

by Sherbhert Editor

Stumbled upon by chance, this quaint and quirky café, evidently built in 1510 and situated in the High Street next to the square in Little Walsingham, was formerly home to the local Apothecary. This is evidenced by a wall lined with small drawers which still contain dusty packages of exotic spices and roots, lotions, potions and pills, including a package labelled “Lady Pills” and another “Dog Pills”.  These relics are displayed for interest only, but other walls are lined with second-hand books and you can browse and buy if you like – “If you see a book in here – it’s for sale!” says Sam -. she has recently and enthusiastically taken over in 

the last few weeks.

But there are refreshments available too; teas and coffees served in china pots and cups with saucers and Malted Milk biscuits on the side. Cakes, scones and sandwiches look wholesome and appetising and the light lunches too. Plans for occasional suppers are being considered. Definitely worth a visit if you happen to be in the area.

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